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hawke_icons's Journal

Hawke Sisters Icons
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Welcome to hawke_icons! Icon community of aralana, and elthena!

.::The Characters::.

Lunamaria Hawke. Younger Sister. elthena.

Meyrin Hawke. Eldest Sister. aralana.

Luna and Meyrin are from the anime Gundam SEED Destiny.

.::The Rules::.

Comment. Credit. Don't hotlink. Do not use icons as bases. Enjoy~!

.::The Credits::.

elthena's credits.

Gradients: noctuidae, crumblingwalls, ladyheatherlly, 77words, lostfaithdesign, iconism, amethystia, brevet, unusualgeek

Brushes From:tsukicon, masquerademasks, crumblingwalls, hydrogen, elyciel amavel_bel lady_corsair icons_with_love liminalstate herbskillz dontlickit, sheld0n, colorfilter, soporifical, meriness, my_wonderful, miggy, rough_draft___, ohpaintbrush, ch_photoshopped, 77words, wonderland__, risha666, _hakanaidreams, ohfreckle, radon_, ewanism, firaga, iconvexity, scarsonchest, meleada, dearest, quebelly, hanako_lovely, soulspring, amethystia, cdg, ownthesunshine, xxkitty_katexx, jadedicons, neke, ianthinus, arisubox oh_pants, unmasked_icons, automaticxstop, sir phlourish_icons, desiderio, moodshine_, sir, forbiddenstorm, damnicons, asya_17, beat_of_art, anon_chan, omg_pretty, graphicss, hexicons, pfefferminzchen, scrapbookart, rhythmique, divine_desire, microcake, rainharbour, springfly http://thrime.co.nr/springfly

Textures: colorfilter, wash_when_dirty, neke, idol_iconized, suburbian, lostfaithdesign, _hakanaidreams, ewanism, lookslikerain, _promenadeicons, glendora__, crazy_clockwork, jadedicons, anais_dirge, ownthesunshine, obliquicon, risha666, colortone, dekolette, 77words arisubox, simpleandclean, sir, luminicity, iris_elegance ruby_icons, tragic_icons, rhythmique, kaycar11, kaien_kun, magnetboyicons, elizabethswan_, filmowe, urbanstrokes, wreckage_icons, missymw88icons, _rhea lavender_tea icon_rewind daisukicons tender_color kaien_kun, vert_gazon ghost_sheep, loveanarchy, silverqe incubloss domeofstars fluffypink_lana perfeclyflawed kitare


Final Fantasy screenshots: http://www.ffshrine.org, sweet100x100 for AC caps

Last Exile: http://halo-productions.com/LastExile/

Gundam Seed/Gundam Seed Destiny: http://www.g-seed.com, http://www.gundamwingzero.com

Fullmetal Alchemist : gossymer

Scans: http://www.animepaper.net, http://yzak.nu/, http://ashi.anime-epoch.com/index.php, http://lacus-fans.net/, http://animepa.csusm.edu/galleries/index.htm

Most FF bases were by kiyomizu_icons

aralana's credits can be found in her resources post.

.::The Affiliate's::.

idletime Ran by decapre

_graphiclove Ran by craziimonkii

wizardwheezes_ Ran by adorantis

kaa_icons Ran by bolshevists, burner and oversoul

hoshidesigns Ran by hoshi3

.::The Other::.

If you want to look at elthena or aralana's icon posts click the Luna or Meyrin links.